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Hotels Near Disney World

Did you know there are over 1,500 hotels near Disney World? It would be impossible – and overwhelming – to give you information on every hotel near Disney World, the information would simply be too much. To make it easier for youwe’vedivided the hotels into three different categories based on location.

Staying at Hotels Near Disney World

If you want to stay at a hotel near Disney World you have three different areas to choose from; each has a distinct flavor and advantages that make it worth considering:

  • Hotels in the Kissimmee(or HWY192) area
  • Hotels in the Lake Buena Vista area
  • Hotels located on Disney World property

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Suggested Hotels near Disney World

Hotels in the Kissimmee Area

Since the oldest Disney World Main gate entrance is the one south of Walt Disney World on HWY 192, this was an extremely popular location for hotels. Since this is the oldest entrance, many of the hotels located here are older as well. Thankfully, many of the national chains have been moving back into this area and are tearing down or totally renovating hotels in the Kissimmee area. If you are looking for a great vacation value, where price meets quality, then Kissimmee hotels will offer you a great stay.

Hotels in the Lake Buena Vista Area

Located on the North side of Disney World, this area filled with hotels near Disney World is the latest to be developed. The Lake Buena Vista area hotels are much newer than many of the hotels on HWY 192—and the nightly rates are a little higher. You can expect to find great shopping and dining in the Lake Buena Vista area

hotels near disney worldHotels inside Disney World

The hotels inside Disney World offer you and your family easy access to the Disney theme parks, since most offer free shuttle service every thirty minutes. You’ll get lots of great perks from being so close to Disney, but you should expect to pay a little more to stay inside of Disney World. Need more information about the perks of staying onsite? Here’s a great article about the pros and cons of staying at a non-Disney owned hotel.

Disney World Good Neighbor HotelsDisney Good Neighbor Hotels: Disney Good Neighbor Hotels are hotels that have met Disney World’s stringent quality guidelines for hotels in the Orlando area. These hotels are much less expensive than hotels inside Disney World, but offer visitors a Disney-themed stay close to all of the Disney parks. With a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel you can experience all of the Disney Magic without the Disney price tag. All Disney Good Neighbor Hotels provide free shuttle service to all of the Walt Disney World theme parks.