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Aquatica – What to Bring?

Aquatica Orlando – What to Bring?

Your first trip to Aquatica will be wonderful, but planning a trip can be a hassle, especially when you don’t have the Aquatica tips that are essential for you. Water parks can be tricky in understanding what are the essential items that are needed to be brought. We have put together this list that might help you ease your vacation and ensure you enjoy a fun time at the park! After reading this, you might want to learn more about Universal Orlando tickets and Disney World tickets for your next park visit. 

Dining options: 

Aquatica dining options include restaurants like the Banana Beach Cookout and the Waterstone Grill. Even, though there are places to eat inside the theme park, you can still bring food into Aquatica. You can carry snacks and coolers into this SeaWorld Orlando park. Packing snacks and water can save a family a good deal of money on their Aquatica Orlando visit. Keep in mind, though, where you will store your snacks if you bring them. You will have to rent a locker to keep it in while you ride the rides, unless you have someone who will volunteer to stay with your stuff during the day. If you do decide to bring a cooler, the park’s policy says that it has to be 16 quarts or smaller.

As far as what you can put into your cooler, Aquatica’s website has some particulars. The cooler allowance is intended for families with special needs, like those who need to bring baby food or for people with special diets. They also make it clear that snacks are okay for anyone to bring in. The website specifically says no picnic lunches, so it’s best to plan on buying lunch at one of the eateries in the park. No alcohol is allowed to be brought in, so just leave that at home. 

Packing essentials: 

Besides food, some items like sunscreen, sunglasses and towels make this day easier. We also recommend you bring a camera, possibly waterproof, to capture the most exciting moments spent on this park! When you lay in the sun, you’ll want to cover up with sunscreen and wear a hat to cover from the sun, so sunburn can be the least of your concerns. 

All in all, there is really very little that you need to bring to Aquatica Orlando. It basically comes down to your swimsuit, outer clothing, flip flops, and snacks. Everything else is optional. This is an incredible park to enjoy with the whole family, and there’s nothing better than finishing up the day in an Orlando hotel or vacation home rentals, up to you!