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Aquatica Tips

Aquatica Tips

When we decided to go to SeaWorld Orlando new water park in Orlando- Aquatica, we had a lot of questions. We have been to all of the Disney World parks and Universal Studios Orlando, but a water park is different. Not only did we wonder about the typical things you need to know about a theme park visit, such as what the hours of operation are for a particular time of year or day, since it can vary day to day. But we also had no clue what to wear or what to bring with us. We were able to get some information from the parks website, but there are some things that are not addressed on the website. You almost need to know someone who has been there to ask those types of questions. Sometimes this kind of information can be found on a blog, but as Aquatica is still a rather new theme park, there is little information on the web by people who have been to the park and can give their advice. Now that we have spent a day at Aquatica, I am happy to share some tips with you on how to make the most of your day there.

For starters, what to wear: obviously it is a water park, so dress for getting wet. That is not to say that you absolutely must get wet. But if you’re not riding rides, you will probably spend your day at the beach area or in one of the wave pools. So, wear your swimsuit and easy-to-take-off clothing over it. Flip flops or other slip-off sandals are helpful. Once you get to the park, you will probably end up taking them off and storing them in a rented locker.

One of the questions we had was about food. You can bring food into Aquatica, but the park requests that you bring in only snacks and water. Baby food and special dietary items are also acceptable, but they do not want people bringing in full lunches.

Sunglasses are must-have at most theme parks, but we did not use them very much at Aquatica. We wore them while walking around taking pictures, but not on rides, so I would consider them to be optional. I can say the same for dry clothes and towels. Though we brought both to the park, we did not need them. We dried off simply by walking around for a few minutes before getting into the car. We didn’t use our towels once all day.

Cell phones are completely not needed at Aquatica. We didn’t even bring one. This is one place that just does not require the ability to contact the outside world. Water park- cell phone- they just don’t mix. There are far too many opportunities for them to get wet, either by a water spout that you may not realize exists until it squirts you, or by someone passing by shaking too hard. Its just too easy to get it wet. I wouldn’t and didn’t take the chance.

At the end of the day, it was one of the easiest theme park experiences our family has ever had. With so little to bring and manage all day, it was really enjoyable. And now that you have read this article, you will know how to plan so that you and your family can have a great Aquatica day! If you have small children, be sure to check out Aquatica’s Ride Requirements as some rides require that you be anywhere from 32 to 48 inches tall.