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Aquatica Dining Options

Amusement park dining is always an interesting issue. There are two camps. One is filled with people who can’t wait to indulge in all the kinds of food they would normally not let themselves eat. To them it’s their big chance to enjoy themselves to the fullest with blatant disregard for their waistlines or cholesterol level. Admittedly, I am from this camp. But then there’s the other camp of people who dread the over-priced, too greasy, food that they would no doubt consider to be “junk” food. Most families are made up of people from both of these camps, which can cause a headache for the trip planner in the family.

I have good news. Aquatica is a theme park that offers a solution for everyone, no matter which camp they are from. Whether you want a sit down style of meal or just a quick snack, you have options. The most formal, which is still very casual, is called the Waterstone Grill. Here you will find a selection of sandwiches, wraps, and salads. They offer kids meals which come with a choice of hot dog, ham and turkey sandwich, or chicken fingers with a side of baby carrots or French fries. They serve the kids’ meals in  buckets, which looks a little odd at first, but they come in handy when you want to relax at the beach after lunch. The kids can use the buckets to play in the sand.

The other dining option is the Banana Beach Cookout. This is a buffet style eatery which is all you can eat. Here you’ll find hot dogs, hamburgers, and salads. There is also a stand called the Mango Market where you can pick up a quick bite to eat. Besides these delicious options, Aquatica allows you to bring in coolers! Aquatica’s website has some particulars about what you can and cannot bring in your cooler. We did not learn until after visiting the park, that their website says no picnic lunches, including family size bags of chips, sandwiches, and 2-liters of soda. None of these things are allowed. Oops! We packed sandwiches and ate them with no one saying a word to us, and we saw several workers cleaning up tables around us, while we ate. They did not say anything about us sitting there eating our sandwiches. We got lucky, but I cannot guarantee that you will, so it’s best to plan on buying lunch in case they stop you from bringing yours in.

So, don’t fret about the food options when planning your trip to Aquatica. You can find healthy options as well as the fried foods for lunch. And you can bring in your own snacks, so there’s nothing to worry about. For more information be sure to read our article on What to Bring to Aquatica.

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