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Disney Hollywood Studios

Disney Hollywood Studios

In January 2009, Disney World changed the names of one of their major theme parks from MGM Studios to Disney Hollywood Studios.

Celebrating the diverse world of show business, Disney Hollywood Studios is a lot of fun for the entire family. From little children who love the Disney Channel to seniors who long for the days of James Cagney, Disney Hollywood Studios has something for everyone. If you have young boys they are going to love the two stunt shows, two big thrill rides, and the power rangers marching through the park.

Disney World Hollywood Studios is smaller in size to that of its big brother Magic Kingdom. But, it still offers a myriad of attractions which cater to all ages. Before you start planning your day for Disney Hollywood Studios, might we suggest first reading the overview for Disney Hollywood Studios and watching the short video which is playing above. This video will give you and your family a great feel for the theme park, so you will know exactly what to expect when touring this park. Disney Hollywood Studios is quite diverse. To assist you, we have compiled a guide to the Disney Hollywood Studios attractions. In this info, we have listed all the attractions with a short description and the age groups that the attraction is targeting.

Special Vacation Tip

Disney Hollywood StudiosDisney Hollywood Studios is a smaller theme park in terms of rides and shows as compared to the other Disney World theme parks; however, Disney Hollywood Studios does offer many parades all throughout the day. You might want to add the park hopper options to your Disney World tickets if you are planning on visiting this park. This will allow you to visit Disney Hollywood Studios to see the parades then hop over to another park after the parade is over. The park hoppers typically add $50 to the price of your Disney World tickets.

Disney World Hollywood Studios does not have nearly the dining options offered at Magic Kingdom or EPCOT Center, but a good idea is to check out what kind of food you desire. Most guests who spend the day at Disney Hollywood Studios leave before dinner and save themselves considerable money using other meal options. If you so decide to eat dinner at the park, might we recommend eating at 50’s Prime Time Café. This restaurant has been featured on the Food Network as one of the best places to eat comfort food.

Disney Hollywood Studios has a lot of unique history which is always fun to read. Did you know all the Disney Imaginers used to work out of the old MGM studios theme park before the operation was moved back to Anaheim, CA. We have also included this fun fact along with many other for you to read as well as a list of attractions which have changed over the years. These quick little tidbits are always neat to read prior to you actual visiting the theme park.

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