3 Bedroom Orlando Vacation Pool Homes

3 Bedroom near Disney World vacation home3 Bedroom near Disney World vacation home

Enter your vacation dates above and we will show which homes we have available during your vacation. We only ask for a $50 deposit to make a vacation home reservation!

When you first start looking for an Orlando vacation pool home, it is always best to start with what the size of the vacation home is best for your party. If you are traveling with quite a few different families you might choose to stay in a luxury vacation home near Disney World or you might decide it is best for each family to get their own vacation home. You just really need to weigh out what is best for everyone in the party.The benefits of booking a 3 bed vacation home near Disney World is the price…typically the 3 bedroom units tend to be a little less expensive, and they are perfect for families with 4 to 6 people. The second choice you will need to make when deciding on which house to rent is do you want it in a sub-division or a stand alone house in a community that is not necessary all vacation home rentals.

The reason most people book their Orlando Vacation rental homes with us is because we offer the best prices available. In addition, all the homes we have to offer are professionally managed. When you stay with us you will always know what to expect and have someone to call in case of a problem.

 3 bedroom home with huge TV near Disney World 3 bedroom home with huge TV near Disney World
Check out the big screen TV? Book this vacation home and GO BIG!

Three Bed Private Pool Home of the Month

This three bed vacation home is located 2.8 miles to Disney World. One of the main thing our guest really like out this home is the huge T.V’s and the private pool area. This home has been updated with a unique pool LED lighting system. This system allows the guest to change the color and the brightness of the lights depending upon their mood. This is OV Home 1125.

Vacation Home Pro Booking Tip:

We suggest always booking a vacation home in a rental community. There are many benefits to doing this:

  • In non-specific vacation home communities sometimes past guest who happen to be very noisy or big-time partiers may have soured the neighbors on any and all vacationers staying in that house…they might not be the most welcoming of neighbors.

  • Almost all the vacation home communities in Orlando are in a gated community with security officers patrolling the grounds. This is for guest safety and to also deter vacation renters from throwing big parties.

  • Most of the communities offer great amenities such as: clubhouse, community pool area, tennis courts, workout facilities, community grills, etc.
vacation pool home 3 bedvacation pool home 3 bed

Once you have selected the community then you need to decide on the vacation home. When choosing which 3 bedroom vacation home near Disney World is best for your family, be cognizant about how much time you are really going to be spending in the vacation home. Most guests who stay in our vacation homes are visiting the area theme parks, and the average guests who books a Disney World vacation packages with us stays at the theme parks for 8 to 10 hours a day. Knowing this, if you are looking to save money then you might not need most expensive 3 bedroom Orlando vacation home…a more basic house will probably more than be sufficient. With this said, obviously a nice, clean house is what every guest should expect and receive at the bare minimum.

3 bedroom kitchen with granite counter tops3 bedroom kitchen with granite counter tops

Communities that offer great 3 bedroom Orlando vacation home options

To make your search a little easier, here are a few communities you might want to check out especially if you are looking for a 3 bedroom Orlando houses with pools

Emerald Island:

This is a great community located just 2.5 miles to Disney World. They have a few 3 bedroom vacation homes, but they have a large selection of 3 bedroom Orlando vacation townhomes. The community offers 2 community pools, community grills, gated and staffed with 24 hours security guards for your safety. These townhomes are great for families with small children as all the bedrooms are located upstairs so if a little one needs to go to bed earlier the rest of the family can be downstairs in the family room watching TV. Vacation Homes in Emerald Island Resort

Paradise Palms-

This is a newer vacation home community near Disney World. Again, this community has a few 3 bedroom vacation home units available but most of them are larger 4,5 and 6 bedroom vacation homes. All the vacation homes in this community have private pools, and the clubhouse there is a nice community pool. 

Windsor Palms-

This community is the sister property to Windsor Palms. They too offer three bedroom vacation condos and 3 bedroom vacation home townhomes with private pools. Everything at Windsor Hills is first class. They offer the following amenities: huge community with waterslide, putt-putt golf, workout facilities, walking trails, 24 hour security within a gated community, and less than 2 miles to Disney World. Vacation Homes in Windsor Palms Resort

Story Lake-

This is the newest vacation home with private pool on the list and this sub-division offers 3 bedroom condo units and 3 bedroom room townhouses. If you are looking for something new with a the most amenities amongst the sub-divisions on this list this community is going to offer the most.

Amenities of 3 bedroom vacation homes near Disney World

We obviously cannot speak to what every 3 bedroom vacation home in Orlando offers, we can tell you what to expect when booking a 3 bedroom vacation home near Disney World through orlandovacation.com.

One of the lesser known reasons people book their home rentals with us is because we are a local, family owned company. Everyone in or office lives in the area and is happy to give you advice and recommendations on theme park tickets, places to eat and answer any other questions you might have "from the locals." The vacation planning we provide is an extra perk you will not get when you rent from other home providers.

All our vacation homes offer the following amenities:

  • Fully functional kitchen
  • Two or Three baths depending on the layout of the vacation home
  • Private pool unless, you are staying in condo or townhouse then at the minimum you will have a community pool to enjoy while here on vacation.
  • Multiple TV’s (almost all our vacation homes have TV’s in the bedrooms)
  • Washer and Dryer in all the units
  • Clean and sanitized house for you and your family to relax and unwind
  • Free WIFI

It is important to know that there are very few 3 bedroom vacation pool homes in Orlando. Prior to the financial collapse of 2008 and 2009 there used to be a bevy of three bedrooms vacation homes for rent. After the housing bubble burst many of these 3 bedroom vacation homes near Orlando theme parks were foreclosed on and purchased by families who lived in them full time. After all who would not want to live vacation pool home near Disney World, and enjoy the nightly fireworks every night.

Since there is a shortage of 3 bedroom vacation homes for rent in Orlando, you will probably find that there is not a big price difference between the three bed homes and the four vacation homes near Disney World. Builders are not building three bed vacation homes anymore, they have found their profit margins on the smaller homes is not the best for them financially so they have opted to build large vacation homes and luxury vacation homes in Orlando rather than concentrate on the smaller houses.

This is why if you only need a three bedroom unit you might be better off looking at a vacation condo or townhouse in one of the sub-divisions listed above.