One of the newest attractions at Universal Studios is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which provides guests a wide variety of opportunities to have a fun filled and exciting magical adventure in a modern day setting. For newcomers, a dose of the Harry Potter theme park can certainly transform a boring holiday into a one of a kind adventure you will they will cherish for years. Universal Studios indeed provide an entirely immense atmosphere where guests, children and adults alike, can be transported into the magical world of Harry Potter.

There are so many new things to enjoy at Universal Studios’ Harry Potter theme park. With all the shops you can visit, your day will surely be filled with a magical adventure. You can try the Zonko’s Joke Shop, where you can find all the gadgets and gag tools for your prank stunt. This shop has everything from slime to green goo, walking robots, and all the tools and gadgets you can ever imagine. You can also have a fun time eating all the candies at Honeydukes which is a very colorful candy shop that sells various types of gummy bears, jelly beans, rock candies, and a whole lot more. The Three Broomsticks is also worth visiting for a magical restaurant experience. You can have your first butterbeer here and the popular Pumpkin Juice that you likely never even thought existed.

Apart from a fantastic food experience, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is also popular for its new rides, including the Dragon Challenge, Flight of the Hippogriff, and the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. These are among the newest attractions offered by Universal Studios, where the show never stops and the rides keep on rolling, allowing you to be transported into a new world of magical wonders. Visiting these newest attractions at Orlando Studios is one of the best ways to complete your holiday vacation and stockpile hoards of adventure and magical stories you can tell back at home.