Sea World in Orlando, Florida takes guests on an exciting and fun filled adventure to all the wonders that only exist on the ocean floor. Among the most sought after attractions at Sea World is Shamu’s Happy Harbor, which is an unbelievably fun adventure for kids. There are huge pink flamingos and lovely palm trees around and kids can have a wonderful time beating the four – story nets, tunnels and nine mammoth slides. With the new addition of six child sized rides, there will certainly be endless hours of adventure and exploration at Sea World’s Shamu’s Happy Harbor.

Another new attraction is the elaborate Sea Carousel also at Shamu’s Happy Harbor. The Sea Carousel is a marine themed adventure ride topped with a colossal 45 feet wide octopus. Riders can board in a wide array of sea creatures, reaching up to sixty five in numbers that include gigantic exotic fish, sharks, dolphins, sea lions and otters among many others. There are also quite a number of new attractions, including the jelly fish themed tower ride and water spout inspired tea cup ride, perfect for couples and children alike who wish to experience the wonders only Sea World can offer. Guests can also enjoy the Jazzy Jellies that spin and lift families in jelly fish like seats and adventurous young adults can spin around in behemoth seats while spinning around in a giant water spout. For those who haven’t tried the Flying Fiddler yet, you will experience the bright red fiddler cab with its fantastic illuminated eyes. Filling its belly of up to twelve children or adults, it can lift riders up to 20 feet up in the air before a deep plunge on a vertical descent.

There are so many new attractions at Sea World worth checking and it can certainly make your Orlando holiday a vacation you and your family will always remember.