Merriment, excitement and exhilaration reach their climax during the propitious celebration of Thanksgiving. Holiday planning and traveling doubles during this time of the season because there are plenty of people who want to spend this special day with their families and friends. And for those with special locations to go to, like planning a Thanksgiving vacation to Orlando, the celebration will certainly become more fun and exciting. Thanksgiving is among the busiest occasions after Christmas and New Year’s, when the roads are filled with traffic jams and honking cars, while the metro trains are all filled to capacity. Airports are also not spared because more often than not, flights are booked one to two months in advance during this season to avoid last minute ticket booking. These are the worst scenarios one can face when planning a Thanksgiving vacation to Orlando, so in order to avoid these hassles, it is best to plan ahead.

Planning to go to Orlando for a thanksgiving vacation must be done at least two months in advance. If this is your first time spending your holiday vacation in Orlando Florida, it is best to take advantage of the vacation packages being offered by hotels, airlines, theme parks, and travel agencies in Orlando.  With vacation packages, you will be able to get everything, including hotel accommodation, flight booking, theme park tickets, and other important details that can make your Thanksgiving vacation in Orlando complete. Among the most popular tourist attractions in Orlando are Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and the newly built Harry Potter Theme Park. If you want to make your Thanksgiving vacation truly memorable, visiting these world famous theme parks must be included in your itinerary and there are also excellent hotels within the area that can provide you with good value accommodation at a price you can afford.