The Universal CityWalk Hollywood is the only place you can find in Orlando where entertainment, dining, and shopping are all joined together in a single promenade. Various options include up to thirty wonderful choices of restaurants, at least nineteen movie theaters that feature an eight story high IMAX, and seven of the best night spots in the area. Universal CityWalk also has its indoor skydiving and up to thirty stores where guests can experience the best shopping in Orlando Florida.

Although Universal Studios CityWalk is well known for its world famous clubs and the lively, party atmosphere, CityWalk also offers excellent dining opportunities. There are a number of restaurants including Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Pasta More and Emeril’s, this place can offer any type of restaurant that can fit into anyone’s budget and taste for dining.

For a budget restaurant, Pasta More is worth trying. You can enjoy fresh and delectable food that is reasonably priced, allowing you to stretch your budget and enjoy one of the most decent meals you can have in the area, at half the price you would spend on other restaurants. For a more luxurious and high end dining experience, Emeril’s is the place to be. This restaurant makes sure that everything has been taken care of, from marvelous table settings to world class service, your dining will certainly be a memory you will always cherish. The quality of the food is world class and although you really need to spend some dollars so you can have your share of plush dining and elegance, it is certainly worth the price you will pay for the luxurious dining experience that you can have at Universal Studios City Walk.

If you want to really experience the excitement at City Walk, you need to have the money to spend, but it is also worth every penny you shell out, especially when it comes to a world class dining experience.