When visiting Downtown Disney World, you will be surprised to find that the place has a sort of split personality. During day time, the place is like a big shopping district that is incomparable to any of the Disney properties, where you can find everything you need from mammoth stores with bigger than life display windows to the smallest and most quaint specialty boutiques. If you are almost at the end of your one week vacation, this is the best place to be, especially if you have no idea what type of souvenir you want to bring on your trip back home. Most of the larger stores can be found at the Downtown Disney Marketplace area, while the specialty shops are all packed together in the Downtown Disney West Side.

But during the night, the entire place is transformed into a lively area where all the lights come out in sync and the whole downtown area is filled with live music, a variety of stage shows and guests can also have the most wonderful dinner at a number of restaurants serving world class cuisine. After a tiring day at Disney World theme park, you can easily transform your day into an exciting night life. Most of the nightly attractions at downtown Disney World are concentrated on the West Side, although Pleasure Island also gets its fair share of nightly attractions, attracting quite a number of tourists to experience the night life of Downtown Disney.

When visiting Orlando, Downtown Disney is one of the places you should not miss. This is also one of the places you can visit where you can have the most enjoyable night life you can ever experience on your Orlando vacation. Ideal for adults and children, Downtown Disney has all the things you need to make your vacation as exciting and adventurous as you planned it to be.