If you have stayed in a hotel, you probably have heard about and enjoyed a continental breakfast. The question is, is a continental breakfast worth it at the hotels? A lot of hotels offer this particular service as a major part of their amenity package. The truth is that this has become so popular that almost all guests are expecting to receive a complementary continental package every morning and it is a rare occurrence when a particular hotel does not offer any continental breakfast at all.

Continental breakfast at a Kissimmee hotel

You need to understand that although continental breakfast may sound fancy, it is actually very simple. Depending on the hotel where you are staying, your continental breakfast may include a coffee, tea, or assorted types of fruit juices. It will also have your choice of rolls, pastries, bagels, and/or individually packaged cereal boxes. And while a continental breakfast does not include Eggs Benedict or any other fancy breakfast meals, this type of hotel breakfast is still popular among travelers because of its convenience. Before, continental breakfasts are only offered by a limited number of elite hotels but as more and more people are into traveling and more and more lodging spaces are opening up, continental breakfasts have become as common as the hotel signs you see on the streets.

Depending on your lifestyle and how you consider your personal health, continental breakfasts are not well recommended by health experts. Because of the empty calories of croissants and pastries, you will surely be hungry in just a couple of hours, so if you have a heavy schedule ahead, it would be practical to choose a type of breakfast where you can surely have all the nutrition you need for a hectic day ahead of you. But then again, your choice of a continental breakfast will depend on your budget and how you want to start your day.

Many Kissimmee hotels are now offering continental breakfast in hopes of gaining your business.