Last Sunday I was sitting in church and our minister talked about losing one of his children at Disney World. I can only imagine how terrifying this experience was for him and his child. So I thought it would be a good idea to write a few tips for keeping up with your child at Disney World:
1. The entire family should dress in bright colors. This way if do lose your child you can scan a large area looking for a certain color. It sure is easier to spot a bright yellow shirt as compared to a white shirt.
2. Plan a rendezvous place; for example at the Magic Kingdom you might want to make this place in front of Cinderella’s Castle. This way if you do get separated everybody knows where to go to meet up.
3. Give your kids a cell phone. I know this sounds a little crazy but if they have a cell phone on them then you could simply give them call on the phone or possibly even text them.
4. Put a note in their pocket and instruct them to give it to a Disney representative if they should get separated. On this note should be your child’s name, the parents name, parents cell phone number, and the hotel you are staying in.

Disney is a really safe place for families, but it is always nice to have a plan in place should you get separated.