There are so many theme parks in the Orlando, Florida area that are competing for your hard earned dollars. Most people coming to Orlando will make sure that they go to one or more of the major Walt Disney World Parks (Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center), possibly to Universal Studios and maybe to Sea World to see Shamu.

You may not know this, but the theme parks can really take a lot out of you after a full day of walking , waiting, and eating. The Florida sun can be quite hot as well.  Many people travel to Orlando thinking that they are going to go to a theme park each day that they are in Orlando. From my personal experience it is hard to do more than two straight days at the theme parks and you know that if it’s hard for adults, it especially hard on small children.

That is why I would recommend going to an easier park to conquer after you spend a full day at one of the major theme parks . You may not know this but the average vacationer at the Magic Kingdom walks about 10 miles in a full day.  I would consider Sea World’s Aquatica such a theme park. Aquatica is Sea World’s version of a water park and it is true family fun. You may think that you are too old for a water park, but people of all ages thoroughly enjoy Aquatica. Here is a great article on Sea World Aquatica Tips for enjoying the theme park.

You can cover Aquatica in a little over 6 hours and of course, you can stay longer if you choose to and it really is fun for all ages of the family. It can also be quite relaxing as well. You can effortlessly float down rivers or lay out and get a tan while you read a book if you choose to.

The park does have water slides but they are not the type that leave you clinging to your very life. They are thrilling but they are by no means over the top.

After spending a full day at Disney, you will need to have sometime to recover and what better place to do it than at one of Orlando’s top water parks?