If you like going to  the Disney Epcot Center in Orlando and you like to eat  a good Italian pizza with your family, then Walt Disney World has you and your family in mind. Construction workers have been quite busy at Epcot Center in the “Italy” portion of the theme park building a 14,000 square foot Italian Pizza Ristorante that has yet to be named. The newest Epcot Center restaurant will seat about three hundred customers and it also will have an optional outdoor dining area for guests.  All meals will be served on genuine Italian plateware.

The Disney Corporation is creating this restaurant in true Italian fashion. The interior architecture includes gorgeous vaulted ceilings and piping hot wood burning pizza ovens.

Many local Orlando cooks complain about the Florida water and it’s effect on their tasty creations. It is generally believed that Florida water is a negative contributor on many recipes. The Disney World cooks seem to agree with them, as these pizzas will be prepared at this Italian Ristorante with water that closely assimilates the chemical composition of the water that is found in Naples, Italy.  This is being done in order to produce a dough that best resembles the pizza dough found in Naples, Italy. Now if that is not a true Italian pizza, then what is?

Disney has not set an official opening date for the restaurant or at least they have not publicized it as of yet. It is generally believed that the restaurant will open in the late Fall of 2010.