With Universal Studios Orlando focusing on the teenage thrill rider market and Walt Disney World focusing on the toddlers and elementary school aged children, you would think the Disney’s Magic Kingdom would be no place for a teenager. However don’t think that Disney has thrown in the towel when it comes to teenagers.

If you are going to the Disney Magic Kingdom for your family vacation and you are concerned about your teenager being bored at the Magic Kingdom, don’t worry about it. Disney has everything under control.

Here is a short list of rides descriptions at Disney’s Magic Kingdom that most teens enjoy:

• The Haunted Mansion – This is not necessarily a thrill coaster. In fact, there are no gut wrenching drops nor is there any high speed motion, but there are plenty of scary moments and scenes that keep most teens entertained.

• Thunder Mountain – Hold on to your hat on this one. This out door crazy train will leave you wanting more.

• Space Mountain – Ever been on an indoor roller coaster that is all in the dark? This space coaster makes you feel like your racing through space. This is one of Disney’s most popular rides. Make sure that you get your Speed Pass for this ride as line can be quite lengthy.

• Splash Mountain – I would not exactly call this one a roller coaster, but it sure has quite a drop. In fact, Disney takes pictures of you, as you go down the main hill of this log coaster. If you don’t like getting wet, then I would not set in the front seat. This ride is great for Florida’s Hot Summer days. As the ride proclaims, everyone has a laughing place.