The force will be with you when you visit Disney World this month—Star Wars Weekends, one of the most popular events takes place this month at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Each weekend of this event features fun shows, parades, guest appearances and more designed to delight fans of the movies, books and animated series.

Disney is a great destination for Star Wars fans. Photo courtesy the Walt Disney Company

While Star Wars Weekends is the headlining event for Star Wars fans, there are still plenty of Star Wars things to do throughout the year. If you miss Star Wars weekends this year—or just want to get your Star Wars fix any time of year, check out these fun things to see and do year round:

Ride Star Tours: Star Tours was updated in 2011, and one of the improvements was to create an everchanging storyline. You won’t get the same ride twice, thanks to the multitude of planetary destinations and characters. You may see Yoda on one ride and Darth Vader on the next—so head here early, and then pick up a Fastpass to ride a second time later in the day.

Build a lightsaber: Head to Downtown Disney and build your own custom lightsaber at the Once Upon a Toy shop. You can create your own custom weapon using the many different options available, or you can recreate one of the lightsabers carried by the Star Wars characters. Playing with the parts is free—but if you want to bring your saber home, expect to pay about $20 USD.

Train to be a Jedi: The Jedi Academy is a fun show and mini program offered daily at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Kids will see a short training program and learn some Jedi moves—but don’t be surprised if some familiar faces show up to interrupt the lesson! Jedi Academy is free and offered daily by Star Tours. See a park schedule for more information.