School’s out for most of the United States, summer has arrived and the weather is fine, making June one of the most popular times to visit Disney World. There are some advantages to visiting the happiest place on earth in June—and a few disadvantages as well. Read on for some tips to make your June trip to Disney World run smoothly.

Expect Moderate Crowds

Expect moderate to heavy crowds, with crowd levels increasing as the month progresses. Big crowds mean you’ll need to spend a little more time waiting in line for most attractions, though you may get lucky if you show up first thing in the morning.

Extended Park Hours

Big crowds mean big waits, but it also means that Disney World extends theme park hours this month—parks will be open early and stay open late each day, so you’ll have plenty of time to play. Disney also brings out some of its best entertainment this month, with multiple showings of parades and shows on select dates.

Summer Heat

Expect the weather to be hot this month; wear comfortable clothing and shoes, pack a bathing suit and plan on enjoying indoor attractions in the afternoon. You can also avoid the hottest time of day by heading back to your hotel for a swim in the afternoon. Hit the parks early in the morning, or stay late at night and you’ll avoid the worst heat and sun of the day.

Popular Events

Popular events at Disney World this month include Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – avoid the Studios on weekends if you’re not a fan of the series. This month’s Gay Days festivities will draw plenty of visitors to the featured part of the day, so check the event’s calendar if you want to avoid the crowds.

Disney World is at its best in many ways this month, so wear comfortable, cool clothing, pack plenty of sunblock and prepare for some summer fun at Disney this month.