When you think about Orlando vacation home rentals you may think they’re uniquely suited for larger families. While they are a great choice for big families, they’re also an ideal choice for smaller ones. Even if it’s just you, your spouse, and your child, you’ll find many great benefits to these vacation rental homes. Let’s take a look at the top three reasons you should consider them.

1.         Everyone gets their own space

The most obvious reason to rent an Orlando vacation home is the fact that everyone has access to their own bedroom. These homes are available with 3 – 7 bedrooms. While it’s great for the parents to have a space to themselves while the kiddos are sleeping, you could also use one bedroom as an office space, a separate play area, or anything else you can imagine. Having this extra space is easily preferable to the entire family cramming into a single hotel room where you have no choice to but to stay silent once the kids are sleeping.


2.         You can save money in some unexpected ways

If you’ve taken a look at the costs of renting a vacation home then you’ve already noticed that it’s more affordable than many people think. While it’s great to save money right out of the gate, there are actually a number of potentially surprising ways that you can save extra money.

One great example is luggage fees. With access to your own washer and dryer in your rental home, you can bring much less luggage – which can save you hundreds versus bringing several extra suitcases. With a full kitchen in your unit you can also make some or all of your meals. Once again, this can save you hundreds by just skipping one meal every day.

3.         Time = Money

This simple formula has been proven time and time again – and you can easily prove it on your vacation. The reality is that having a private vacation home gives you an incredible amount of flexibility. Do you want to hit the parks first thing in the morning and head back for a mid-day break? You won’t have to worry about noise from fellow guests if you do this.

Do you want to swim in your own private pool at your convenience? Not a problem! Say goodbye to waiting in line to get seated for lunch at an overpriced restaurant – just make your own and take it to the parks. Find a quiet bench, sit down, take a break, and be comforted by the money you’re saving on your magical vacation.