Is there are a more magical place to get married in the entire world than Disney World? We think not! Yet as you begin to plan your big day you’ll soon see that even though Disney can take care of many of the details, there’s still a lot to consider! The first, and possibly most important, decision you’ll make will be the date. If you have plenty of flexibility then consider these possible options, each with their own unique advantages.

Plan during low crowds

If you’re looking to ensure your traveling guests can get the best deals on resort rooms or vacation homes then you’ll likely want to plan the wedding when crowds are lower. As an added bonus you’ll find low lines for your favorite rides! Generally speaking the lowest crowds are the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, January, February, September and October.

Note that there are busy periods within these low crowd periods. For example, the first week in January is one of the busiest all year while the following week will bring low crowds. Essentially you’ll be looking to avoid any week or weekend that has a break from school. Also note that these low crowd times can have either chilly or very hot weather so take that into consideration.


Consider the advantages of summer

There are huge pros and cons to planning a wedding at Disney during the summer months. You should take them all into consideration as you decide what’s best for you.

  • Pros: If your wedding guests include families, they’ll have a much easier time traveling during the summer months when school is out, the hours at the parks will be significantly extended versus slower months, and you’ll be much more likely to enjoy plenty of sunshine on your big day.
  • Cons: The crowds can feel unmanageable, it’s a much more popular time to get married so you may have a more difficult time finding available vendors, prices can be significantly higher for virtually everything, and the heat and humidity can be extreme.

Take advantage of special holiday magic

If you’ve never been to Disney World during the winter holiday season then you’ll be delighted to see the many special touches all over the parks. A winter wedding paradise awaits you as you experience the Osborne Family Lights in Hollywood Studios, complete with fake snow, Cinderella Castle draped in incredible icicle lights, and much more. These special touches can help to make your wedding that much more special. Just be aware that visiting the parks on Christmas and New Year’s weeks can be quite difficult – these are the busiest weeks of the entire year. However, the holiday decorations come up right after Thanksgiving and stick around through the first week or two of January.