You can’t really understand the true joy of visiting Disney World until you’ve been standing on Main Street, staring up at the castle, as fireworks burst around you. As you plan for your trip you’re likely trying to figure out where to even start! While there are plenty of thrill rides around the parks, for those of you more interested in the theme rides, check out the top four theme rides in Walt Disney World, one for each of the four theme parks.

Yo Ho Ho It’s a Pirate’s Life for You in the Magic Kingdom

Without question, the fan favorite non-thrill ride in Magic Kingdom is Pirates of the Caribbean. This boat ride takes you back to a time when pirates were the king of the Caribbean. You’ll see incredible audio animatronic pirates in various situations – all of which involve plenty of swashbuckling and rousing sea tunes! There is no ride in Disney World with as much detail as this one.

Soar through Space – Slowly! – in EPCOT


Spaceship Earth is an exceptional experience for kids and adults of all ages. This is a very slow-moving dark ride that takes you through a wide variety of scenes that show the evolution of human communication. It’s located in that huge “golf ball” people generally associate with EPCOT and is the first ride you’ll come across when you enter the park. These sets are impressively well done, with a captivating story to go along with it.

Get Ready to Enter a Story of Your Own in Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Mania, located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, often has the longest lines of any attraction in any park – and for good reason! It’s truly a fun, simple ride that can be enjoyed by everyone. You hop in a cart and get ready to pull-pull-pull on your goofy gun that utilizes 3D technology to put your skills against everyone else in your cart – all amid spectacularly designed sets based on the Toy Story movies.

Take Off on an Incredible Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Kilimanjaro Safaris are an animal lover’s dream! You can ride through a natural environment that makes you feel you’ve traveled thousands of miles to the planes of Africa. You’ll see animals living their daily lives in their natural environments, and though the ride can be slightly bumpy, guests agree that this just adds a feeling of authenticity. Your driver will be very knowledgeable about the animals so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

TIP: Animals are most active early in the morning and later in the afternoon.

While there are plenty of rides for thrill-chasers, you can see that there are plenty of rides and attractions for those who like a slower pace too! These are just the top examples in each park. There are dozens of other great non-thrill rides to be enjoyed.