This week Disney finally made an announcement many of us have been waiting years for: they’re adding a Star Wars Land to Disney World! While details are still pretty slim, we’re here to share what we know.

Disney claims they’re building a “jaw-dropping world”

According to the announcement recently made at their annual D23 Expo, the plans include creating a world into which fans can literally walk amongst the characters and be immersed in a galaxy far, far away. This will be Disney’s largest ever expansion: more than 14 acres will be used.


Both California and Florida are in for a big treat

This incredible new change isn’t limited to Disney World – it’s also happening in Disneyland! It’ll be interesting to see how the new lands in each parks differ. One of the many reasons that people prefer Disney World over Disneyland is because there’s so much more land at Disney World. As a result, there’s tons of room to do basically anything they want. In Disneyland, the park is in the middle of Anaheim, which means there isn’t as much room for expansion. We all agree: the Disney World version is likely to dwarf the Disneyland one.

You’re about to enter a truly immersive world

One of the most exciting things we’re looking forward to hearing more about is the idea that this is a truly immersive world. According to the official folks at Disney, this means that every store, restaurant, and ride will be staffed by residents of the planet / ship / country it represents. The rumor is that this means that every single cast member will be in costume and in character at all times. It will be like nothing we’ve seen before!

New rides, restaurants, and more!

No one has all the details on this new park yet, but there are a few things we know. We know that it will be their largest expansion ever, that there will be new restaurants, and that there will be two flagship attractions / rides. We expect that there will be additional rides beyond those two flagship options. We’ve heard major rumors that one attraction will involve driving the Millennium Falcon!


Expected completion date

As of today, Disney has not released specific dates for completion. Their most recent major expansion, New Fantasyland, took years to complete and many Disney fans complained that it took much longer than Universal’s much more substantial Harry Potter expansion. Did Disney learn from these complaints? Will they step up production? We certainly hope so, but it’s important to remember that they’re already building a huge expansion in Animal Kingdom (Avatarland) and they’ve announced a huge Toy Story Land expansion, too. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date!