Fans of Legoland are in for a treat on their next visit to the Orlando park: Merlin Entertainments has partnered with Warner Bros and The Lego Group to create an incredible 4D animated film. It began screening at all Legoland parks across the world on January 25th. It’s an incredible combination of the popular characters from the smash hit Lego Movie and some truly impressive 4D technology.

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Are you a fan of The Boxtrolls?

Families who love The Boxtrolls will be excited to learn that the writer of The LEGO Movie 4D: A New Adventure is written by Adam Pava – the same writer of The Boxtrolls. It’s also co-written and directed by the man who directed the sequel to The LEGO Movie (which will premier in 2018). Some of the original voices will be in this special feature, too! They include Alison Brie, Charlie Day, Elizabeth Banks, and Nick Offerman. Patton Oswalt will be added to the cast.

The story behind the adventure

This new 4D movie will follow favorite characters from the movie: Unikitty, Wyldstyle, Benny, and MetalBeard. It picks up right after the group has received a mysterious invitation. Following the instructions leads theme park that was built based on their adventures in the original LEGO movie. Don’t be surprised when nothing is as it seems! Soon the heroes realize that they’re in the middle of a secret, evil plot – but they have help! The audience uses their LEGO building skills to save the day.

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Special effects make all the difference

Those in the know say that this experience would be wonderful on its own, but it’s truly taken to another level by adding elements like smoke, wind, water, and special lighting. It brings the main characters back together with their friends in an adventure that folks of all ages will enjoy.

The team behind this new experience

Merlin Entertainments PLC is behind this new experience. They’re tops in Europe and second in the world as far as visitor attraction operation. In total they have 111 attractions, 12 hotels, and 4 holiday villages. Their work is in 23 countries and spans 4 continents. Their goal is to deliver experiences that are both memorable and rewarding. Other attractions they’re responsible include Sherk’s Adventure, Blackpool Tower, and the Orlando Eye.

By all accounts this new attraction is one worth checking out. It’s an exciting time at LEGOland, with old favorites holding strong and new attractions being added regularly.

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