A trip to the Orlando Eye is the perfect addition to any Orlando vacation, whether it’s your first trip or you’ve been dozens of times and simply want to see the city from a vantage you’ve never experienced before. This attraction offers a truly unique experience and utilizes technology that had never before been used. Let’s take a look at what wonders behold those who take on the Orlando Eye.

orlando eye

Adding new meaning to the “City Beautiful”

Did you know that one of the nicknames of Orlando is City Beautiful? Once you go up in the Orlando Eye you’ll understand why! The Eye will take you up 400 feet into the sky and you’ll be treated to incredible, breathtaking 360 degree views. There’s no better way to see the city and miles and miles of surrounding central Florida. In fact, you can see all the way to Cape Canaveral.

Don’t miss the pre-flight excitement

Before you go up into the Eye itself you have the opportunity to take advantage of the Eagle Eye view in a pre-flight experience. This 4D cinema attraction engages all your senses and has special effects that put most movies to shame. This pre-flight experience is worth the price of admission on its own.

A convenient location makes this attraction even more appealing

Right in the heart of International Drive, at I-Drive 360, the Orlando Eye is easy to get to. It’s not only one of the tallest observation wheels in the country – it’s the tallest on the entire east coast. There are thirty capsules in total, each of which can hold up to 15 people. These high tech pods rotate gradually so you’ll constantly have a brand new perspective.

inside orlando eye pod

Technology makes the experience even better

Every capsule is complete with Apple iPad Air tablets, which add an extra bit of interest to the experience. With them, guests can learn more about the landmarks they’re seeing. The guided tours are available in numerous languages, and there’s so much to learn that guests can ride the Orlando Eye several times and still learning something new on each visit.

The makers of the Orlando Eye have a lot to offer

Anyone who’s visited Madame Tussauds celebrity wax museum, or the incredible SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, won’t be surprised to learn that the Orlando Eye was created by the same masterminds who created those attractions. In fact, there are passes available to visit all three. The SEA Life Orlando Aquarium is one of the most immersive underwater experiences in the entire world and comes highly recommended.