Exciting changes are on the way to SeaWorld Orlando, including Mako, an incredible new roller coaster that’s poised to break some records. This may be surprising to some folks, who don’t think of SeaWorld as a great place to visit for roller coasters, but this could be a game changer. Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

The background of Mako

Mako is named after a shark – but not just any shark. It’s named after one of the very fastest sharks in the world. SeaWorld first began teasing the public in April of 2015. The only thing they revealed at first was that the coaster would be a staggering 200 feet and would break many records. In May they officially announced the construction of Mako and added many new details.

mako roller coaster seaworld orlando

The incredible stats on Mako

SeaWorld already has several roller coasters, but Mako is slated to be something special indeed. The stats are impressive, with a steel track of more than 4,750 feet – which is nearly a mile long! The top speed will be 73 miles per hour, and SeaWorld promises it will leave riders both weightless and breathless. There will be deep dives and huge climbs – all designed to give riders the feeling of the hunt. When it’s completed, it’ll be the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Orlando.

Special effects make all the difference

Another unique aspect of Mako will be its incredible special effects. A special sound system will enhance rider’s experiences both on and off the ride. The score of Mako will follow them as they go up the first lift hill, and additional surround sound effects and scores will follow them on the ride. Nighttime riders are in for a special treat, as special lights accent the coaster, and flicker and shimmer to stimulate fish being scattered as the shark is on the hunt.

seaworld mako coaster

Mako’s place in the park

Mako won’t just be a standalone roller coaster, and it’s not replacing anything. Instead, it’ll be the centerpiece of an entirely new themed area. This plaza is going to be chock full of shark-themed attractions, including a Shark Encounter, and a restaurant called Sharks Underwater Grill. There will also be shops and various educational opportunities for kids and adults alike.

There’s another reason Mako is such a big deal

Besides the many records it’s breaking, Mako is a big deal for SeaWorld for another reason: It’s the first new roller coaster in six years. In fact, that least one to open was Manta, the exciting coaster that soars through the water and gets guests wet. It’s also the first new attraction in three years. The last attraction they added was the popular Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin back in 2013.

Mako’s opening day

While SeaWorld hasn’t officially announced when they’ll be opening Mako we do know that it’s slated for some time in 2016. We’d expect them to try and have it open before the peak season begins in June but only time will tell!