You have plenty of Orlando vacation homes to choose from – so many in fact that it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. While you’ll likely think about a wide range of factors, these are the top four that you must consider if you want to find the perfect home for your needs.

1.         Location

First and foremost, you must narrow down your options based on location. No matter what else you make think about before making your final decision, nothing is going to impact how much you enjoy your vacation home as much as the location. The good news is that you can find affordable homes in convenient spots. For example, at you can find homes within 15 minutes of the Disney theme parks starting at just $99 per night.


2.         Bedrooms

No matter where the home is located, if it doesn’t have the right number of bedrooms you won’t be pleased with it. One thing to keep in mind is that the price bump to add another bedroom may not be as much as you think. If you’re planning to have the kiddos share a bedroom, at least look into the cost to add another bedroom. If it’s just a few bucks more it may be well worth it to ensure everyone gets the privacy that may help keep the peace.


3.         Amenities

You’ll have your choice of amenities in these incredible Orlando vacation homes. In fact, you may have so many options that you don’t know what you really need. To get started, write down a list of all the amenities you must have. Your list may include a washer and dryer in the home, a private pool, and a full kitchen. As you go through the options, cross off any homes that don’t meet this minimum and then take into consideration the added amenities some may have – keeping in mind that they’re not must-haves.


4.         Price

You may be surprised to see price listed last. Does that mean it’s the least important factor? In a way, yes. Obviously you need to choose a home that’s within your budget. However, saving a few bucks may not be worth it if the home you choose is too far away, doesn’t have the bedrooms you want, and is missing essential amenities. Price is one factor that should be taken into consideration, but be careful not to let it be the only one. How much is your perfect vacation worth? When you choose a home that meets the requirements of all four points, you’ll be choosing a home that you’ll be happy to return to every night.