The thought of traveling to Disney World with your small children may immediately make you anxious, but the good news is that there are tons of tips you can follow to make sure your trip is a success. There’s a great post on Huffington Post about 12 Family Vacation Tips for Traveling with Young Children. Check it out or read our favorite five below.

1.         Travel light

There are many opinions on how much you should pack. Some parents swear by packing everything you could imagine needing so you won’t find yourself without once you get to Orlando. However, another opinion is to travel as light as possible. Remember that you’ll be lugging your bags through the airport with your little ones. Imagine being able to do so with just one or two bags.

one-dollar-bills2.         Grab $40 worth of $1 bills

The key to successful traveling with kids is to be able to get in and out as quickly as possible everywhere you go. Have a bunch of change on hand makes this simple. For example, when you stop for a quick bite to eat you won’t have to wait for the server to return with your change – you’ll have plenty of cash to tip. This is especially helpful when you have a little one who could melt down at any time.

3.         Keep your phone in check

Vacation should be a way to get away from it all – and that includes our addictions to our technology! Of course you may need to take a phone call occasionally or check your email once in a while, but try to resist the urge to photograph and video everything. Everyone on social media doesn’t need to know what you’re doing every second of the day. The key is for you to enjoy your trip – not to convince everyone else that you did.

4.         Pack small bags into bigger bags

orlandovacation_pack-small-bagsIf you have several kiddos that doesn’t mean you have to pay to check several bags at the airport. Instead, pack a small bag for each of them and then pack those bags into a larger bag. You’ll save money and you’ll save time by not having to reorganize everything once you arrive. Just pull out each kiddos bag and you’re good to go!

5.         Plan ahead

It likely comes as no surprise that Orlando is a popular vacation destination. As a result, you’ll find the best prices and best selection on resort hotels, vacation homes, and restaurant reservations the further in advance you plan. Resist the urge to wait for a better price. If you’re traveling during the peak season, the first price offered is likely to be the best price you’ll see.