Too often business travelers don’t take full advantage of the locales they visit. They may not feel like they have the time, they may be too tired after a day of meetings, or they may simply not know what a particular city has to offer. Nowhere is this more of a crime than in Orlando! There are so many great things to discover. Check out these four don’t-miss activities the next time you visit us on business.

1.         Try unique, local restaurants

One of the biggest mistakes travelers make is to stick with the chain restaurants you’ll find all over Orlando. Of course there is a huge audience for these chains, as visitors often want to try foods that are familiar and comfortable to them. If you’re staying near the convention center it may seem like these chains are all there is, but if you dig just a little deeper into the city you’ll find tons of foods with Cuban influences, some truly delicious seafood, and some fusion food you won’t find anywhere else.


2.         Visit the major theme parks – at least one of them!

Of course when you think of Orlando you likely think of Disney World and Universal. In fact, many business travelers immediately count these options out simply because they don’t think they’ll have time to do much when they’re only in town for a few days. The reality is that you can visit the World Showcase at Epcot to sample adult drinks from around the world, you can visit the zoo-like atmosphere at the Animal Kingdom, or simply take an afternoon to ride some of the best thrill rides in the world at Universal.

3.         Check out some of the lesser known parks

While Orlando may be best known for the famous theme parks, there are also some lesser known parks that just may be exactly what you need. GatorLand is a totally unique spot that’s perfect for an afternoon getaway, Wet ‘N’ Wild is a fantastic water park to cool off at, and even Downtown Disney, soon to be rebranded as Disney Springs, has great nightlife, hot air balloon rides, live music, and tons of restaurants and shopping.


4.         Visit picturesque beaches

Did you know that there are several beaches within a few hour’s drive of Orlando? Whether you want the party atmosphere of Daytona Beach or the relaxed, family vibe of Clearwater Beach, no trip to central Florida would be complete without dipping your toes in the sea. Take an afternoon, rent a car, and get a break from your busy business life to relax in the sunshine.