You took your own kids to Disney World when they were young, which may make you think you know how to tour the parks today. The reality is that a lot has changed – much of it for the better! Use these three tips to make sure your trip with the grandkids is as successful as possible.

#1: Renting a stroller can save your trip

stroller-disney-worldOne of the biggest and most common mistakes grandparents make is to forgo the stroller. They do this often because they think it’ll be a pain to navigate the parks with a stroller, or because their 5, 6, 7, or even 8-year-old grandchild is old enough not to use one at home. Why would they need one at the parks?

For a few reasons, actually! First of all is of course the walking. You know you’ll be walking miles every day, but when you consider that kids have to take at least two steps for every single step an adult takes, it’s easy to see that even the most energetic kid can get tired quickly!

Second, consider the convenience of having a quiet place for the kids to sit while you get them in and out of the parks. The main goal is to avoid meltdowns, and when you see them starting to get impatient, instead of carrying their heavy bodies out the doors, just plop them in the stroller, give them a healthy snack, and let them relax!

#2: Plan to deal with meltdowns – not avoid them

comfort-item-disney-worldThere are things you can do to minimize the frequency of meltdowns, like renting a stroller, but in the end you should be prepared for at least one or two meltdowns. The reality is that Disney World is a magical place, but the excitement and long hours can lead to tired, cranky kids. Have some plans in place to deal with these meltdowns, and start with these simple tips:

  • Have a plan but be flexible enough that you can get out of the parks when you need to.
  • Don’t try to do it all! Choose a few must-do rides or attractions every day and know that anything else you do is a bonus.
  • Bring toys from home that can comfort the kids.
  • Have the parents on speed dial! Sometimes simply talking to Mom and Dad can calm down a stressed out child.

#3: Don’t downplay your accommodations

It’s easy to think so much about what you’ll do in the parks that you forget to consider that your Orlando hotel resort or vacation home can be as important as the parks themselves. From themed pools to private pools, you have a lot of options and finding the right accommodations gives you the opportunity to spend some down time relaxing every day of your trip.