You have thousands of choices of where to stay on your next trip to Orlando, and one of the best choices for many families or groups is an Orlando vacation home rental. However, some people have fallen prey to the myths that are sometimes believed about these homes. Let’s look at the reasons some people think these homes aren’t a great value and let’s debunk them!

orlandovacation_vacation-home-rental-mythsMyth: Vacation Homes are Incredibly Expensive

This is probably the most commonly repeated rumor. In some cases visitors have stayed in unnecessarily expensive rental homes in the past, and in others they simply assume that renting an entire house would be much more expensive than renting a room in an Orlando resort. The truth is that these homes start at just $99 a night – which is much less than many, if not most, of the resorts in the area.

Myth: Vacation Homes are Far Away from Disney Parks

It’s also common for visitors to assume that vacation homes are 30 or 40 minutes from the parks. It’s understandable that if the homes were this far out, it would be quite a problem! The good news is that it simply isn’t true. All the homes you rent from are within 15 minutes of the Disney parks.

Myth: You Don’t Get to Pick the Vacation Home You Stay In

Many people also believe that when you rent a vacation home you pay money to a third party and don’t find out exactly where you’re staying until shortly before your trip. That may be true with other companies, but at you always pick your own home or condo. You decide what amenities are most important to you! There is no reason to be surprised on the day of your arrival.


Myth: You May Get Stuck With a Timeshare

Once again, this myth is often spread – and for good reason. Some companies will rent out timeshares right alongside their other rentals. However, if you work with a company that only rents homes and condos, you can avoid it easily.

orlandovacation_orlando-rental-gameroomMyth: You Have to Pay for the Entire Trip the Day You Book

The reality is that it takes just a $50 deposit to hold your reservation. You then have until 15 days before your arrival date to pay the remaining amount. This gives you the flexibility to book as soon as you know when you’ll be traveling and then saving up for months until the trip. Some companies do require hundreds of dollars, or the entire bill, upfront, but if you work with a company like you can pay just a $50 to know your vacation is set!