orlandovacation_vacation-rentalYou have many options in accommodations when you visit Orlando. Whether you’re going to Disney World or Universal Orlando, your accommodations can make up a significant part of your vacation budget. One option available to you is vacation homes. There are numerous advantages to this option, which many travelers aren’t aware of.

Vacation Homes are Incredibly Affordable

One of the biggest things that stands in the way of many families choosing a vacation home is the perceived cost. They assume that renting an entire house with tons of amenities would be much more expensive than staying in a resort hotel. The reality is that these homes start at just $99 per night.

You’ll Stay Close to Disney World

Many people also believe that renting a vacation home means you’re far away from the theme parks. The reality is that all vacation homes available through Orlandovacation.com are no more than 15 minutes from the Disney parks.

orlando-vacation-home-rental-kitchenYou Get an Incredible Amount of Amenities

Your vacation should be a balance between relaxing and exciting. Our vacation homes give you exactly that balance. If you think you’ll be missing out on the hotel pools, you’re wrong: you can rent vacation homes with incredible private pools. You’ll also get a ton of other amenities like washers and dryers, full kitchens, and separate living and sleeping quarters.

You Don’t Have to Pay the Full Balance When You Book

One of the reasons some families say they stay on the much more expensive Disney properties is because they want to be able to put down a small $200 deposit and pay it down as their trip approaches. The truth is that it will cost you just $50 to put a deposit down on our vacation homes and the total balance isn’t due until 15 days before you check in.

You Can Choose Your Own Home

There are some companies that don’t let you choose your own vacation home, but when you work with Orlandovacation.com you’ll always get to choose your own vacation home. This makes it convenient and gives you the peace of mind that you know exactly what you’re walking into.