When you take your daughter to Disney World you do want her to have a magical time – but you don’t want to go crazy with princess overload. These 3 tips will help ensure that she gets her magical time and that you can enjoy your trip, too.

orlandovacation_cinderellas-royal-table1.         Consider character meals

There are numerous character meals at the Disney World parks, including the popular Cinderella’s Royal Table. Located in the castle, this meal includes visits from some of your daughter’s favorite princesses. This is a great chance for her to get what she wants, while you relax and enjoy some delicious food. You can also consider a spot like Crystal Palace. While you’ll find Pooh and friends there instead of the princesses, it’s a great choice if you have both boys and girls.

2.         Make use of FastPass+

FastPass+ allows you to book attractions ahead of time and skip the lines. Every park allows you 3 to start with, and if you use those 3 you can book another within the park. You can actually set these up 30 days before your trip. Take a look at some of the princess meet and greets and have them set up before your trip. You’ll still be meeting the princesses with your daughter, but you’ll be able to skip the lines.

orlandovacation_meet-belle3.         Compromise before your trip

Sometimes there’s no way around it: no matter how much time you devote to letting your daughter immerse herself in the princesses, she wants more time. To avoid a meltdown, discuss the logistics before your trip. Don’t tell your daughter she’s limited, bring it up in a way that gives her choices. For example, you may say, “I’ve decided you can see 2 princesses every day! Which 2 would you like to see on our first day?”

Above all else, remember that your daughter will only be interested in princesses for a few short years. When she’s a teenager chatting on the phone all night you’ll miss the days of being dragged all over Disney World to get a signature from Belle!

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