You don’t always know months in advance that you’re going to be heading to Orlando on business. When a last minute trip comes up, there are 3 things you can do to make the most of your trip.

1.         There are still plenty of ways to save money

Some travelers assume that last minute travel means playing top prices for everything. The reality is that, depending on the season, you can still get a great deal on everything from resort hotels, to vacation home rentals, to theme park tickets. Take a few minutes to research your options and make sure you’re not falling into the trap of paying more when you don’t have to.


2.         Making dining reservations

It’s true that there are some top notch restaurants in Orlando, and it’s true that some of them can book months in advance. However, it’s also true that this is a city that caters to business travelers and tourists. There are always plenty of reservations available, even the night of. Too often travelers decide to simple show up and take their chances. This might get you a table, but a few minutes of calling around can assure you don’t get excited about a restaurant and pay to valet, only to get turned away at the door.


3.         Don’t try to do it all

With proper planning, you can visit Orlando for 5 days, get plenty of work done, and still see the major parks in the area. However, when you don’t have a solid plan you’ll find this type of trip much more challenging. As a result, understand that you can’t do it all. Identify two things you really want to do while you’re here. It might be visiting the Magic Kingdom, or seeing Cirque de Soleil in Downtown Disney. Whatever they are, prioritize those two things and anything else you get done will be gravy.