Some visitors to Orlando are hesitant to rent a vacation home. Sometimes they just assume they’re expensive, other times they’ve heard horror stories of unclean homes, or homes that weren’t as advertised. The good news is that there are tons of incredible, affordable homes. You just need to follow these tips to ensure you get exactly what you’re paying for – or perhaps a little bit more!

orlandovacation_private-pool-home-rentalAvoid the horror of spending way too much

The biggest thing between many people and renting an Orlando vacation home is the cost. They assume that these homes cost $500+ per night. The reality is that tried and true companies like rent their homes starting at just $99. These homes are often more affordable than staying at a resort hotel. Just make sure you see what’s out there before committing to a prohibitively expensive home that doesn’t give you the bang for your buck that you deserve – and have access to!

Avoid the horror of not getting what you expect

When you pick out your vacation home you must make sure that it has all the amenities you need. Don’t assume anything! If you want a full kitchen, a private pool, a Jacuzzi, or a washer and dryer in the unit, make sure the company you’re renting from notes that these things are included. Not all companies let you choose the specific house. Instead, you agree on a house, you get the keys on the day you check in, and some serious surprises can arise. Make sure you rent through a reputable company that lets you select the right home for you and your family.

orlandovacation_pool-home-amenitiesAvoid the horror of unclean homes

This one can be easily avoided: rent through a reputable company! It can be tempting to rent directly from an owner but the reality is that you can’t trust the home is clean enough, that the sheets are changed, or that the kitchen will be equipped as promised. When you rent from a company that deals exclusively in vacation rentals you can be assure that you’ll get a home that’s well kept up and clean.

Avoid the horror of being too far from the parks

For many families, the most important factor when choosing a home is where it’s located. This should be a top priority for you too. No matter how inexpensive a rental is, if you have to travel 40 minutes or more just to get to the parks – and just to get home at night – then it’s not worth the price. You’ll find that all the homes on are within 15 minutes of the parks.