So you want to go to Disney World. Congratulations! You’re a savvy planner and have likely discovered the great savings you can get staying at an offsite hotel resort, or even renting an affordable vacation home. But how do you save up the money to get there? Check out these 4 tips that may help you get the extra money you need to travel sooner rather than later.

orlandovacation_disney-savings-jarSave those credit card rewards

Many people who have credit card rewards are quick to cash them out for gift cards or to pay down their monthly balance. However, if you can let them ride for a year you could be sitting on a pretty penny. Most rewards cards will let you request a check to cash out your rewards. Do this about 2 months before you plan to pay for your trip as it can take 6 – 8 weeks to get the check. This free money is a great way to add an experience to your trip or pay for your accommodations.

Make family sacrifices and sock the money away

One of the best ways to save for a Disney World trip is to get the entire family involved. Sit down with everyone and discuss what you need to get there. You may decide to forgo Christmas presents and put that money aside together as a family. Perhaps you can give up your annual trip to the pumpkin patch and simply buy pumpkins at the grocery store instead. Or it might be as simple as cooking dinner on Friday nights instead of ordering out for pizza. If you get everyone involved and they know exactly what the sacrifice is doing for them, they’ll be much more likely to be on board.

Get a part-time job

orlandovacation_disney-world-memorabiliaWe know what you’re thinking – you’re already busy, where could you possibly fit in another job? You may be able to find seasonal work in your area that gives you 10 hours a week for a month or two, or perhaps there are commission based opportunities in your area selling jewelry, candles, spices, or other fun commodities. Look for unique ways to raise a little extra cash and then put it all towards your Disney trip.

Sell Disney memorabilia

Of course you don’t want to part with Disney memorabilia you’ve bought over the years. There are so many memories associated with your souvenirs. However, many of the items bought years ago could fetch a hefty price today. If it comes down to staying at home with your memorabilia or visit Disney World with your family one more time – well, it may be an easy decision to make!