There’s so much to do and see in SeaWorld Orlando and Universal, but those with special needs can worry that they simply won’t be able to do it all. The good news is that SeaWorld and Universal both do a great job of making sure as many people as possible can get in on the fun. Check out the main ways in which special needs guests can find accommodations at SeaWorld Orlando and Universal.

orlandovacation_seaworld-handicapped-seatingSeaWorld – Special seating and entrances in every theater

Of course on of the most exciting parts of visit SeaWorld Orlando is checking out the numerous shows. The good news is that those with special needs can attend. All theaters have special seating to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. Some also have special entrances. If you’re not sure if you should enter through the main entrance of take advantage of a special entrance, just ask a helpful employee for assistance.

SeaWorld – There’s free water for companion animals

Companion animals are welcome in SeaWorld Orlando. They even offer free water at multiple locations! Just stop by any restaurant in the entire park and ask for water for your companion animal. There will never be a charge.

SeaWorld – Choose from numerous bathrooms

In some theme parks you’ll have a limited number of assisted restrooms available. Luckily when you visit SeaWorld Orlando this won’t be a problem. Pick up a park map and you’ll see the many assisted restrooms clearly marked. You’ll never be far away from one, no matter where you venture within the park.

orlandovacation_seaworld-wheelchair-rentalBoth Parks – Wheelchairs are available at the parks

You can rent wheelchairs for a relatively small fee. There are also electric wheelchairs available. However, note that there are a limited number available and they’re rented on a first come, first served basis. As a result, if you’re traveling on a busy day of the year, or a day that’s particularly hot and difficult to get around on for those with special needs, then you may want to rent an electric wheelchair from a third party. All of this is true for both SeaWorld and Universal.

Universal – Ask for a Disabled Guest Parking Pass

There is a special parking area for disabled guests, but you’ll need a pass to use it. Just ask when you pay for parking and you’ll get this special pass that can be displayed on your dashboard.

Both Parks – Help for Hearing Impaired Guests

If you’re hearing impaired and need a TDD, just contact the Guest Services Office or Health Services. They’re always available and though there is deposit required it’s refundable as long as you return the device the same day.