When the ride host says “put your items away” on a Universal Orlando theme park ride, he means it. Universal actually had to change the timing of the Dragon Challenge Coaster last year due to the number of dropped items — the risk of injuring a rider on the other carriage was too high.  Cut down your risk of losing or ruining your possessions when you ride by following the tips below.

Only bring the essentials aboard: Leave any items you don’t absolutely need to have with someone else, if you are traveling in a group. If you don’t take your sunglasses on the Incredible Hulk, you won’t be able to lose them on the tracks.

Use the cargo areas provided: The netted cargo areas are there for a reason — use them. Even if you think you can hold onto your items, you may be surprised, particularly if the ride makes sharp dips, turns and inversions. Put all loose items in to the provided cases and you won’t risk loss or damage — just don’t forget to take them out again when you leave the ride.

Be wary of water: If you are planning to ride a watery attraction like Jurassic Park, make sure you stow your items, even if you don’t think you’ll drop them. Sudden splashdowns, water cannons and surprise water features can do severe damage to your cell phone or iPod, so don’t carry these items in your hand unless you want them to get wet.

Stowing your breakable, loose items is the best way to make sure you actually get to keep them — and that they stay in one piece.