Florida’s newest theme park, LEGOLAND, just opened an all new water park, about an hour from the Orlando area. Is it worth making the drive from Orlando to the Tampa area? Maybe, particularly if you don’t want to compete with the crowds at Wet n Wild, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

Kids will love the splashdown fun to be had at LEGOLAND

Getting There: LEGOLAND Florida is home to two different components -a LEGO theme park and a new LEGO water park. LEGOLAND is located on the grounds of the former Cypress Gardens theme park, and is well worth the trip from Orlando if you are traveling with a little LEGO fan. Allow about an hour to reach the LEGOLAND parks, and consider making a day trip from your rental home or resort. Since it is a lot less hassle to just jump in the car and go than to take the time to check into an entirely separate resort, the day trip is the better option. The ride goes very quickly, and you’ll have the fun of LEGOLAND waiting for you at the end.

About LEGOLAND’s water park: The water park at LEGOLAND is a good beginner water park for kids. You won’t find some of the big thrill rides here that you’ll spot in Blizzard Beach or Wet n Wild. What you will find is plenty of family friendly water fun, and a great way to cool off an relax without a lot of crowd concerns.LEGOLAND’s water park is a less expensive option, too, since ticket prices are substantially lower than the parks bigger, Orlando based cousins.

Consider LEGOLAND if: LEGOLAND’s new water park is a good option for you if you are traveling with kids under 12, have never been to a water park, and want to have a fun experience without the huge price tag.