Disney’s Animal Kingdom generally closes earlier than the other parks–and it always closes before sundown. With this schedule, you won’t catch any closing fireworks spectacuars, and most people leave the park in the late afternoon. This schedule is goodnews for the guests who stick around, because the park is much less crowded in the hours just before closing. Disney has added another great reason to stick around– a celebration packed with things to see and do each afternoon.

Stay in the Animal Kingdom theme park after the afternoon parade, and you’ll be able to enjoy an extra touch of Disney magic — the Sundowner Celebration. You’ll find wine (and fruit juice) tastings, specialty regional food items, street parties and more when you hang around in the afternoon.

The Sundowner Celebration spreads throughout the park — look for food demos, a 6:15 pm street party and wine tastings in Harambe, in the Africa section of the park. In Asia, you’ll find food and tea demonstrations, regional cuisine and a dance party that kicks off at 6:15 pm. The Discovery Island section, home to the Tree of Life and “It’s Tough to be a Bug” will have some interactive fun, a street band and art exhibits.

The Sundowner Celebration is scheduled to run through the month of June, and is going on now at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. The celebration is free with your regular park admission.

Samantha McNesby for OrlandoVacation.com