Today we would like to introduce our readers to Tisha Haas, the owner and editor of Trisha’s main goal with parenting blogging is not only to connect with her readers but she also enjoys helping others with their parent blog. If you have an opportunity we strongly recommend you checking her site out.

We interviewed Trisha today because she assisted us in our lastest infographic and we wanted our readers to get to know the mommy bloggers which assisted us with this project.

Trisha Haas is the editor and owner of

Trisha Haas is the editor and owner of


 When did you start your blog?

I started in 2008.

2) Why did you start blogging?

I originally opened a blog to help advertise a boutique I owned. I found that I enjoyed the connection of blogging more than retail, so I changed fields.

3) What topics or area of interest do you like to blog about?

I am first and foremost a parent, so I blog about all things parenting, which can also include food, crafts, humor, and products.

4) Have you ever been to Disney World? Do you plan on coming soon?

Yes. I went to college in Tampa, so I am very familiar with Disney. I am actually leaving tomorrow for a trip to Disney with my grandmother.

5) What advice would you give moms out there about planning a vacation?

Stay in a home or condo! I never stay in a hotel because its not much like a parental vacation when you have to go to bed when the kids do. I love renting with Global Resort Homes. Its far more reasonable of a cost and everyone can spread out!