Today we interviewed Janessa Solem, who is the owner and editor of We have chosen to interview Janessa today because she was so nice to help us out with our latest infographic about how families plan their vacation.

If you have an opportunity, we strongly recommend reading Janessa’s blog she offers a lot of great advice on parenting and saving money.

Janesa is the owner and editor of

Janesa is the owner and editor of


When did you start blogging? I started blogging in July or August of 2010

Why did you start I started my website because in 2010 my first daughter was born and I used cloth diapers. In doing my research on cloth diapers, I came across all types of different mommy blogs. I just thought this would be a fun occupation.

What do you like to write about or blog about on your site? I do a lot of mystery shopping, product reviews, and give aways for family friendly products. I want to start to get into helping other bloggers get started.

Have you ever been to Disney World? Funny you should ask, we are actually coming in a couple of weeks.

That is neat, where are you staying and why did you choose to stay at this particular resort? We are staying at one of the POP Century properties. I choose it because they offer  the free transportation to and from the parks throughout the day. They also offer seating for young children, I was concerned if we stayed somewhere else that I might have to lug around my kids car seats all day at the parks.

What is your best vacation planning tips to other families? Do not over schedule yourself especially if you have young children. A vacation is a place to relax and sometime s you have to go with the flow