Interview with Heather Bee

Heather Bee was nicest enough to assist us in our infographic about how families plan their vacation, and we interviewed her so our readers my get to know her. Heather’s blog is, and we strongly recommend you check it out.



When did you start your blog? I started my blog in June 2005.

Why did you start blogging? Because I love to write and used to like scrapbooking, so I felt it would be a way to build my skills as a writer while keeping track of my life as a homeschool mother – for my kids to later have a record of events as they happened.

What topics or area of interest do you like to blog about? Homeschooling, homemaking, photography, cooking, field trips, and life- whatever we have going on at the time… currently we are gardening and my eldest is about to take driver’s ed.

Have you ever been to Disney World? Do you plan on coming soon? I went to Disney World and Disney Land when I was about 12 (Florida) and 14 (California). My kids haven’t been. It would have to be a sponsored blog event for me because we aren’t able to travel on one income right now. It’s on the bucket list.

What advice would you give moms out there about planning a vacation? Do a lot of research, talk to others who have been, map things out, take enough time off so you can allow spontaneous adventures to happen along the way (some of our favorite parts of trips were the roadside attractions that we passed and decided to stop in for), save up some mad money so you can be prepared for unexpected stops, take a cooler and eat sandwiches on the way there to save some money, tent camp on the way at least one night for the fun of it, pack your car full of fun games and snacks for the kids, pick up a souvenir in every state you travel through, take a lot of photos, leave your family a road-plan and phone numbers of hotels you plan to stay at just in case, and try to plan for the unexpected to happen and not get too stressed out about it — expecting the car to stay super clean on the trip is not realistic (so you might come up with a rewards game to play with the kids rather than letting it upset you – my husband is a real stickler for a clean back seat – LOL), take a photo list of license plates and flags and let the kids check them off as you see them, make a state notebook and save photos, postcards, information, flyers, and other memorabilia from the trip in your binder, and if you do go to Disney – stay in a hotel that allows you to ride the monorail.