If you are planning to visit the Orlando area between June and November of this year, you should be aware of some of the basics of dealing with hurricane season, just in case. Depending on where you are and where the storm is, you may not be impacted at all, but it is a good idea to know the basics just in case.

Parks like Wet n Wild will close during a big storm or hurricane.

How can a hurricane effect my trip?

A hurricane can impact your Orlando vacation in two ways. It can bring rain and wind to the theme parks, and in rare cases, shut down the parks themselves. It can also impact your ability to travel to Orlando; if a hurricane is expected in your home area or in your flight path, it  could disrupt your trip.

Will a hurricane impact Disney World/Universal/Sea World? If you are in town when a hurricane is happening, you’ll likely see some bad weather, including thunderstorms, hail and high winds. Orlando is not an ocean front location, so you’ll miss the worst of the storm. You may have to spend the day in your hotel; transportation to and from the parks may be suspended. Big theme park closures are rare, though some attractions or specialty parks like water parks and animal parks will close. Hotels built to modern standards are safe and the staff will be trained to deal with hurricane traditions. Some southern families actually evacuate TO Orlando when a hurricane threatens!

How to tell if your trip will be impacted by a hurricane: Hurricane news begins about 2 weeks before a storm makes landfall. Keep an eye on the tropics the month before your trip, and watch for named storms. If  a storm is forecast for your area, don’t panic; most storms change direction and forecast several times prior to making landfall.

The risk of a storm interfering with your Orlando vacation is slight, but by getting in the know, you’ll be better prepared for your hurricane season vacation.