If you’ll be in Disney World on your birthday — lucky you! There are plenty of fun things you can do to celebrate your big day and make it even more special than usual. Birthdays are a big deal in Disney World, so be prepared for some extra special treatment and fun. Here are a few fun things to do on your birthday in Disney World:

Share the news

People can’t wish you a “Happy Birthday” if they don’t know you’re celebrating, so make sure you stop by City Hall on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom or Guest Services in any of the other parks and pick up your birthday button. This special pin is free and identifies you as someone celebrating a birthday. Don’t be surprised when cast members, characters, and total strangers wish you a Happy Birthday when you wear your pin; and you may even get chosen to participate in a show or parade!

Order a cake

You can up the fun of your special day by ordering a cake from the Disney bakery. You can have your cake delivered to your room or restaurant, and the pastry chefs and decorators will whip up something especially for you. There is an added charge for this service, but the cakes look and taste great, and are well worth the expense. Make sure you give the bakery at least a week’s notice to whip up something special.

Get serenaded

If you are heading to a table service restaurant to celebrate, make sure you let the person taking your reservation to know you have a family member with a birthday. The birthday girl or boy will get a free cupcake and the wait staff will sing happy birthday; do this in Epcot and you’ll hear Happy Birthday in a different language.