Universal Orlando is considered a thrill rider’s park, and it is packed with great rides for teens and grownups, but you can find some fun rides for little kids here as well, if you know where to look. Just about every area in Universal has at least one kid-friendly ride, and Seuss Landing is entirely for little kids. Keep an eye out for kid friendly attractions and characters when you visit, and don’t miss some of the best, detailed below:

Flight of the Hippogriff

The Flight of the hippogriff is the kid-sized roller coaster located within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and is ideal for fans of all ages. With no loops or scary moves, this is a good, basic beginner coaster for kids, but every member of the family will enjoy the ride. You’ll pass through Hagrid’s Hut as you head to the front of the line, which adds a nice story based touch to the attraction.

Currently, the Wizarding World is the busiest part of Universal, and though many guests are rushing to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (the park’s most popular ride), lines for the Flight of the Hippogriff will be extremely long by lunch. See this one first or get an express pass for best results.

Cat in the Hat

Part of the wonderful Seuss Landing, the Cat in the Ride is suitable for kids of all ages, and is a whimsical delight. In the Cat in the Hat attraction, Universal paid special attention to all the tiny details that make a ride great, and it shows. Kids (and moms and dads) will adore the reproduction of beloved characters from the book, and whimsical décor that looks like it was pulled right from the pages. Expect to spend some time exploring Seuss Landing when you visit the Cat in the Hat – there are plenty of kid friendly things to see and do in this part of the park.

The Simpsons Ride

All of the rides on this list are suitable for adults as well as kids, but this is one mom and dad will truly enjoy. The Simpsons Ride features the cast and voices of the popular television show, and is packed with the program’s trademark humor. Climb aboard and smash your way through a full sized version of KrustyLand, with Krusty the Clown. Expect lots of laughs and some surprises as you make a mess of the already messy theme park.

Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster

As coasters go, this one is very tame, making it an ideal entry level ride for a preschooler or young child. Kids over 10 likely won’t be interested, but little ones can’t get enough of this gentle but exciting ride. You’ll see signs of Woody’s trademark humor everywhere, and enjoy a brisk, but not overly fast whirl over a twisty, hilly course. Note that an adult needs to accompany kids under 48” on this tide; the seats are pint sized, so tall adults may find this coaster uncomfortable.

ET Adventure

Universal updates rides regularly, and ET is now one of the few original rides remaining in the park. With the park’s constantly changing lineup of rides,  ET is one of the few rides that you may have ridden as a child and can now share with your own kids. The ride follows a sweet and magical journey, and it helps if you view the movie before your trip.

Note: Jaws was recently closed to make room for Harry Potter, and ET may well be the next attraction on the chopping block. Universal has not revealed any specific plans for ET, but there is some construction of a new Sponge Bob store nearby. Nothing is confirmed, but ride ET while you still can!