Those who love Disney World know that no price is too high for the magical experience they’re in store for. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to save money where you can. Great news for the budget savvy is that there are a few simple things you can do to save hundreds by booking the right accommodations.

Skip the Disney properties

The simplest, fastest way you can immediately save hundreds of dollars on your Disney trip is to skip the Disney properties. When you read their literature you’ll see that there are many advantages listed: you’ll be close to the parks, you can take advantage of Extra Magic Hours, and you’ll get to use Disney transportation. The reality is that none of these perks are what they’re cracked up to be.


There are many resort hotels and Orlando vacation home that are literally minutes from the parks – you don’t need to be on Disney property to get that amenity. Extra Magic Hours, which means that one of the four Disney theme parks is open for an hour or two more every day – but only for those staying on Disney property – seem like a great deal at first, but consider that these Extra Magic Hours mean the park that has them will be much busier every day. So yes, you’ll get an hour or two more in the parks, but you could end up riding less. As far as Disney transportation goes, it certainly is convenient, but renting a car will cost less than the upgrade to a Disney resort, and many offsite hotels have free transportation to and from the parks.

Consider an Orlando vacation home

If you’re planning to rent more than one hotel room for your party, then you’re almost guaranteed to save big by renting an Orlando vacation home. These homes start at just $99 and have tons of amenities you’ll love. Some have private pools and Jacuzzis, washers and dryers are included in most, and there’s plenty of room and privacy for larger groups. Not to mention the fully stocked chef’s kitchens!


Choose accommodations that allow you to prepare your own food

If you stay in a vacation home you can make your own meals, which can save you tons of money on your trip. Even if you simply prepare breakfast and pack a lunch, then buy dinner in the parks each night, you’ll be shocked by how affordable your trip could be. Likewise, some of the resorts have kitchenettes that include fridges and microwaves. Bring your own milk, bottled water, and pop, and you could save a ton.