There are pros and cons to business travel. On the one hand, you get to visit locales you may not normally visit. On the other hand, it can be difficult to spend so much time in airports and meetings. Especially when travel takes you to Orland and all you want is to visit the fabulous theme parks! Check out these 10 Tips for Effective Business Travel, or take a peek at our favorite five ideas below.

orlandovacation_business-travel-packing-tips1.         Always keep your essentials packed

Packing is one of the most time consuming and least fun parts of business travel. To avoid the inconvenience, keep a bag packed with your essentials. For example, grab an extra toothbrush and a travel tube of toothpaste and have them always packed. Get an extra pair of sunglasses, a first aid kit, and other essentials you take with you every time.

2.         Pack disposables when you can

Do you have an old t-shirt that’s seen better days and will get the boot sooner rather than later? Do you have an old pair of shoes that has a few good wears in them? Consider packing these items and then tossing them at the end of your trip. This is a great way to both clean out your closet and make room for souvenirs you may want to bring back from your trip.

3.         Don’t forget your leisure items

When you’re packing for a trip that’s primarily for business purposes you’re unlikely to forget your suits or business wear, but you may find yourself forgetting your casual essentials. If you plan to take a day to visit Disney World, make sure you bring gym shoes, a comfortable pair of shorts or pants, and a t-shirt. Don’t get stuck with work wear when you’re taking a day for play!

orlandovacation_business-travel-packing-list4.         Ship items for longer trips

If you’re heading to Orlando for a week or more, consider shipping the items you need directly to your resort hotel or Orlando vacation home. This allows you to get everything you need without paying a ton in baggage fees. If you need food or pantry items, consider Amazon’s new pantry service. If you need clothes, just pack up a flat rate shipping box and have them shipped. You’ll avoid not just the baggage fees but the inconvenience that comes along with checking bags.

5.         Make a permanent checklist

Sometimes when travelers take off on trips regularly, they’ll forget the most obvious things. This is because we get into an automatic pilot mode and simply leave essentials behind. Write yourself a checklist of things you’ll need on every single trip, like ID, passport, airline reservation info, etc. and check it before you take off on every trip.