You have tons of accommodation options in Orlando, including vacation homes. As you compare and contrast your options, take a look at this list that outlines and details some of the factors you’ll consider as you wonder if renting a vacation home is the right choice for you.

orlandovacation_vacation-pool-homeComparing the cost of the home itself

The first thing you’ll do is compare the cost of an Orlando vacation home versus an Orlando resort hotel. You’ll find that vacation home are surprisingly affordable. In fact, they start at just $99 a night. That’s as little as a ¼ of what you’d pay to stay on a Disney property.

Comparing your overall costs

Not only are these vacation homes very affordable to rent, but they can save you money in a variety of other ways. For example, when you have access to a full kitchen you can prepare many of your meals yourself. If you make breakfast every morning for a family of 4 during a 7 day trip you could save hundreds of dollars! You can also make sandwiches and snacks to bring into the parks and enjoy adult beverages in your own home, instead of paying a premium at a hotel bar.

Comparing location

One of the biggest concerns people have is being too far from the parks. They do want great amenities and they do want to save money, but they don’t want to do it if it means driving an extra hour to get to and from the parks every day. Likewise, if their home is so far away that they can’t stop back home for a midday break, then it may not be worth it for them. The good news is that the homes available through are all within 15 minutes of the parks.

Comparing amenities

You want to be pampered on vacation – and why wouldn’t you! The great thing about these homes is that you could have access to a private pool, a private Jacuzzi, washer and dryer right in your unit, a full chef’s kitchen and much more! When you rent these homes you certainly won’t be wanting for amenities.


Comparing your options

When you rent a home you choose which home you rent, which gives you total control over which options are most important to you. For example, perhaps you aren’t a water bug and don’t plan to swim. Then get a home without a pool. Perhaps a 2-car garage is a priority. You can find one! You can choose to heat the water in your pool, you can choose the number of bedrooms. In short: you’ll have tons of options and can make the right choice for your family.