When you’re traveling with a large group every penny counts! The good news is that plenty of companies will offer discounts – but you typically have to ask for them! Check out these quick tips to save money on your next group travel adventure.

orlandovacation_group-travel-tipsUnderstand what “group” really means

Taking 5 of your family members to Disney World may seem like a group trip to you, but for airlines, hotels, and other companies that may offer discounts, the minimum number for a group may be as many as 20. Before you set off searching for all the best group rates, check the companies you’re working with to see how many people they require before group discounts are available.

Group rates aren’t always the best rates

When you contact an Orlando resort hotel for group rates, don’t assume that the hotel with the best group rates is necessarily the best deal for you. For example, you may find that paying full price and renting vacation homes is a better overall bargain than getting even a significant discount on group rates.

These vacation homes can have tons of other advantages too, like allowing you and your group to cook some meals in the homes, giving you tons of privacy, and even offering private pools that can be used at your convenience – day or night!

You don’t know until you ask

Airlines and hotel chains likely have clearly published rules about their group travel discounts. Many group travel coordinators stop there and assume that if other companies don’t list these discounts that they don’t exist. The reality is that you never know until you ask!

Some restaurants will cater to large groups and though they may not offer a straight discount, they do sometimes offer a prix fixe meal for a large group. Depending on what’s on the menu, and how much it costs, this can be a discount. Be sure you ask literally every single company you deal with if there are group discounts or other packages that may save you money.


Try to be flexible with dates

The biggest thing you can do to save money on your group travel is to be flexible with dates. This means traveling during the off-season if possible, and it also means traveling during days of the week that are less busy. For example, you’ll likely pay considerably more for airfare if you travel on a Friday – Monday versus traveling on a Monday – Thursday.