Traveling as a single parent has its advantages and disadvantages. When you take the time to carefully consider every aspect of your trip, you can take maximize the good stuff and minimize the frustrations. One of the primary things to consider is where you’re going to stay. The good news is that you have tons of options in the Orlando area.

Staying at Disney resort

Many parents assume that staying at one of the Disney resorts is the right choice. While it may be for some, remember that these rooms can be twice or three times as expensive as other lodging options. While some appreciate the convenience of the Disney transportation system, the reality is that having your own car gives you a lot more flexibility, and there are tons of options 15 minutes or less from the theme parks.

Staying at an Orlando resort hotel

orlandovacation_resort-hotel-orlandoAnother, much more affordable, option is to stay at an Orlando hotel resort. You’ll find everything from simple, bargain basement priced options that can be one-tenth of the cost of staying on property, to incredible resorts with immaculate theming and amenities – that still cost a fraction of staying on property.

Many single parents worry about non-Disney hotels because they won’t be right on property. The reality is that these hotels are less than 15 minutes from the parks and many of them have shuttle service to the parks. If you have your own vehicle, you’ll have the convenience of being able to get to the parks when you want, and leave when you want, instead of waiting on the schedule of Disney’s transportation.

Rent a vacation home

orlandovacation_home-rental-gameroomIf you’re one of the many parents who assumes that vacation home rentals are A) expensive and B) only suited for large groups, you’re in for a treat! These homes actually start at just $99 per night – which, once again, is much less expensive than most Disney resort properties.

These homes have tons of other advantages that make them perfect for the single parent. They offer you a huge amount of privacy, especially after the kids go to bed. In a regular hotel room you’re forced to keep the volume down and the lights off once your kids go to sleep. On the other hand, in your vacation home you can tuck the kids into bed and have the run of the rest of the house.

You also get tons of flexibility with these homes. Do you want a private pool? Go for it! Do you want to cook many of your own meals to both save money and assure your picky eaters have something to munch on? The full stocked chef’s kitchens allow you to do just that.